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Norway Bomber Anders Behring Breivik – A strong determined strategist July 24, 2011

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Investigation is zeroing on Anders Behring Breivik as the person behind 2011 Norway attack. And if Anders Behring Breivik is person, then investigation will be less of formality. This person is open book, and his A to Z motives and steps are already available in ready to use format in the word of Breivik himself. 1500+ pages document named “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence” has details, strategies, planning to make the 2011 attack possible in his own word. He has detailed the events and his preparedness till Wednesday July 20, i.e 2 days before Friday 22 the day when bombing happened. He is supposed to have posted this document online on the same day as the attack. Also Wikipedia mentions Six hours before the attacks, Breivik posted a YouTube video of 12 mins urging conservatives to “embrace martyrdom” and showing himself wearing a wetsuit and pointing a Ruger Mini 14.

Breivik is going to be discussed in the coming days for more reason than just the attack. He has been active in many online forums and appears to be running few websites too. Breivik is critical of the Islamisation of Europe and presents himself as cultural conservative. And he believes Marxism as the agent giving way to Islamisation of Europe.
He seems to be in his 32 and seems well conscious about the consequences in the aftermath. In his own word he was a successful entrepreneur making millions in outsourcing business till 2005. Then he ventured into capital market during 2005-08 in the hope increasing the funds for his plan that finally got executed on 22nd July. However, he ended up losing half of his millions. Listening in his word “My initial plan was to earn at least 5 million, then use the acquired funds to start a pan-European conservative movement or plan an advanced operation. It started out great and I earned my first mill (NOK) at the age of 24 which peaked at 4 million, 12 months later. In 2005 and 2006, recession hit my industry which resulted in lower income margins. As a result I decided to discontinue my company and instead salvage all the funds I could. The most cost efficient way of doing this in my country is to file for bankruptcy, which I did. I had now completed my goal and I had enough funding to proceed with planning of an assault operation. ……..I spent three years were I focused on writing the compendium, 2083. During a 12 month period in the beginning, I also played World of Warcraft part time (which had been a dream for some time – hardcore raiding:). I lived very ascetic and relatively isolated in this period. These three years would also contribute to detach myself from my “old life”. It’s a process I used in order to isolate myself from most of my network, in preparation for the coming operation. I feel that this period was needed in order to completely ”detach myself from “the game”, my “former shallow consumerist lifestyle ” in order to ensure full focus on the matters at hand. I guess it should also be noted that I did in fact lose 2 million NOK on stock speculation during the period 2005-2008 leaving me with approximately 2 million (half a million went to tax). Most of my funds were channelled through the company; Brentwood Solutions Ltd (and four other offshore accounts) which again channelled the funds to my Norwegian corporation; E-Commerce Group AS and to anonymous debit cards. Despite the fact that I used an offshore company/accounts. In retrospect I see that I made certain mistakes which has pressured my budget. I had approximately one million NOK (170 000 Euro) to spend on both writing the book and finance the operation. I spent more funds during the creation of the compendium leaving me with approximately 40 000 Euro plus credit for the operation.”
A graduate of Oslo Commerce School, Breivik appears to be just another social guy. He has friends, loves parties, drinking, hanging. But he also was conscious not to disclose his terror plan to his friends. He however had being strong advocate of conservative European culture and also was part of political party named Progress Party. But he was hopeless with the progress of Progress Party seeing it can’t compete enough to the ruling party. Breivik other side include strong knowledge in history and current affairs around work. He does mention examples India, China, USA, Sweden, Saudi Arabia etc. His overall management skills from financial to marketing skills appears wonderful as his details plans illustrates in his 1500+ page document. Breivik is also technology savvy and has love for computer games specially war games. In his preparation he also mentions leveraging facebook as social networking site to reach like-minded people and to distribute his message to target audience including parliament members of European countries. He is equally cautious on his way to internet endeavor as well. He puts “The email farming phase is coming towards its end and I will conclude it by at least attempting to acquire as many email addresses to members of parliament in Western European countries as possible. Because I think focusing solely on distributing the compendium to patriots would be a mistake as they have little to no political influence in the EUSSR/USASSR hegemony. It is important that our enemies know “how we see what they are doing”. The national intelligence agencies of Europe will do everything they can to limit its distribution. They will not allow the parliament members of any nation to read it, so we must send it directly to them. It’s a shame I have to purge my 5000 Facebook contacts. It took so much time and work to acquire all those contacts and I get the feeling I’m purging a little piece of my life, lol. But I did get what I came for after all; every individuals email address”.

Whatever you think of him after Norway incident in which 85 people are kiiled, Breivik also anticipated the propaganda after he being handcuffed and very lightly he puts “Normally I find it quite pathetic to brag about how much one has earned. The only reason I mentioned it is because the cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist government will likely try to attempt to “assassinate my character” by labelling me as an “insane, inbred, pedophile Nazi loser”. They will continue with their old strategies, labelling everyone who opposes the Islamisation of Europe/European multiculturalism as Nazi’s and racists”.

Interestingly Breivik puts blames on Nazi for political instability causing dilution of European culture. Breivik writes “However, I remain a staunch anti-Nazi and I blame NSDAP for the situation we are in. Hadn’t it been for the actions of the cultural right wing extremists known as the NSDAP our Western European countries would not be dominated by the cultural Marxist extremist regimes we witness today. If the NSDAP had been isolationistic instead of imperialistic(expansionist) and just deported the Jews (to a liberated and Muslim free Zion) instead of massacring them, the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism would have never been institutionalized in Western Europe, because the Marxists would never have been so radicalized to begin with. The cultural conservatives would have been in a very strong and dominant situation today.”

Breivik created an agriculture company so that he can source the fertilizer, a main component, required to prepare bomb. Simultaneously he smartly gathered other equipment from different locations including China to be used in his endeavor. But with this extreme thought you can’t right away label him the imbalance of psychology and ignore what he say “I have an extremely strong psyche (stronger than anyone I have ever known) but I am seriously contemplating that it is perhaps biologically impossible to survive the mental, perhaps coupled with physical torture, I will be facing without completely breaking down on a psychological level “. He also realized that not many people have same conviction as him. Thus projecting himself as Christian and a conservative, he wanted to do something that will allow him visibility to the maximum people both nationally and internationally.

In the coming days there will be more discussions around Breivik and his actions and intentions which tried to show anger against Islamic supporter. Another discussion for intelligence agencies will be to findng if there are more person behind Breivik. It will also be of note to see reaction of Islamic world in the aftermath. Also it has to be seen if Breivik was successful in seeding the Culture Protection revolution in Europe. And mother of question, will people really come in support or against of Breivik when his legal prosecution will be in Norwegian court?

To read more about Breivik log please visit
To watch youtube


Review: – a fraud calling card- be aware November 19, 2010

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I am trying to put a real story that happened to me. I have been using a different calling card to make calls from US to India. In hope of getting cheaper and better service, I wanted to explore more options. Then came in the story. I saw an advertisement in a desi tv. The advertisement appeared wonderful. Before giving a try, I tried to check on their website . Here is the advertisement you can see for yourself

The offer says, you can make 1000 minutes calls to India for 5 dollar bucks. By no means this offers seems bad on face value. Then, I created an account and tried paying the amount hoping I cracked a best deal before thanksgiving day. But who knew that there will be hidden fraud embedded. While making online payment, the message said there is processing charge of extra 2.99 dollars. This bugged me, so I tried to cross check the offer again. On top summary the words says
Wish your family and friends, with’s Bumper Sale Special(Call India @ 0.5 cents/min and Call Pakistan @ 2.9 cents/min)
Some facts about our Bumper Sale:
>> No hidden fees! >> No membership fees!
>> No activation fees! >> No additional taxes!
>> No contract! >> Rechargeable!
>> Pin less Dialing! >> Speed Dialing!

Please note.. summary mentions no hidden fees. But when you go down below on page after reading hundred of words and Q&A in collapseable style, in a small line you will find there is extra processing fee of 2.99 dollar.

After calculating, I thought that the offer is ok, if not so great. So decided to go ahead with checkout. Made the payment, but I could get the service activated only after calling the service center. ffffffffeeeeeeewwwwwwww .

Well I made the first call to a mobile number (at india time night) for around half an hours . It went well. Next day I tried to call an Indian landline number, then I suddenly realized that the remaining minutes message after dialing a number says that I have around 350 minutes remaning, way below my expectation. I was expecting 960 minutes to be remaining. To understand the gap, I called amantel service center, and there come the surprise. 1000 minutes is valid only for India mobile, and is not applicable for landline. I understood the trap in my mind and laughed at own for being fooled.

Well after that I was waiting just to use all the remaining calls, before I could say bye-bye to amantel. But there was another bomb to explode. I was making calls happily, I found minutes are going down, and I found the remaining minutes to India landline is around 100+ minutes. Suddenly I got an email from credit card company that amantel had recharged my account. I hurried and checked my amantel online account and found that they have recharged account for sales price $10, and added service charge of 2.99 dollar on that. meaning grand total of 12.99 dollars. But the question was why the auto-recharge happened, when there was still a balance in account. I checked here and there to findout why it happened, thats where I found in payment mail sent from amantel stating “Anytime, PIN balance falls below a minimum balance of US $3.00, the PIN will automatically charge your Credit Card for the specified amount”. Just tried to calculate from start. I bought product for $5 (if service charge of $2.99 is excluded). Just after using $2 i.e 60% balance still in account, amantel forces for recharge. How much efficient service ? story doesn’t ends here. I tried to call service center assuming it might be error transaction, but it came as a surprise from customer executive that the payment processing is as per their expectation. shocking !!!!!!!!!! where is it written ? answers comes, it is mentioned in terms and condition that there is going to be mandatory recharge for first time. That means, the mandatory minimum cost I have to bear is $5 + $2.99 + $10 + $2.99 = total $21 dollar. The product which had face value of $5 now required me to pay extra cost upto $21.

For all those who want to go with amantel calling card, please note the another trap as they put in their own word “Rounding will be 2 minutes” unlike all other company where rounding is 1 minute.

Please suggest me what should I do next. I tried to check on their website, I don’t find a way where I can stop the auto recharge feature. 🙂 Please help me how to come out of trap.

Please note that the minutes remaining figure quoted are approximate, as I am unable to support this with call history. The call history details couldn’t be located on


Supply of Saltpeter May 29, 2009

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A historical document showing madhes (Terai) as the sourcing center for saltpeter for gurkhali ammunition.


Supply of Saltpeter

(a) To the Umra of Sindhuli: “We have granted the monopoly for the supply of saltpeter (Soramahal) to Basudev Mehtari fromt the Vikrama year 1853. We have provided him with a sample of refined saltpeter, with instructions that 220 maunds of crude saltpeter be processed to produce 110 maunds of refined saltpeter. A sample has been sent to you also. Accept delivery of saltpeter according to that sample on the basis of the maund used in the plains (madhesh) and issue a receipt.” 

Regmi Research Collection, Vo. 23, pp. 261-62.

(b) To the Subba, Fouzdars, Chaudharis, Kanugoyes, Mokaddams, birtaowners, and ijaradars of Mahottari district: “The Soramahal in the district has been granted to Basudev Mehtari from the Vikrama year 1853. Let his men open saltpeter depots at all places in the district where (saline) earth is available. You shall be punished if you create any obstruction in their work.” 

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 23, p. 262. 

(c) The same day, an official receipt was issued under the royal seal for the following quantities of saltpeter delivered by Basudev Mehtari and Ganga Mehtari through Murali Mehtari to the Umras of Sindhuli against the total quantity stipulated for the Vikrama years 1851 and 1852:- 

(1) Delivered on Baisakh Baisakh Badi 9, 1851

     to Umra Ratna Singh     … 124 maunds

(2) do. to Gurja Singh on     … 43½ maunds

(3) do. 60¼ maunds on

     less 7¾ maunds remitted     … 52½ maunds 

                                              Total:  220 maunds

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 23, p. 265. 

(d) Basudev Mehtari was granted a five-year ijara for the collection of duties on salt (nimak-sair) and procurement of saltpeter (soramahal) from Baisakh Badi 1, 1853 to Chaitra Sudi 15, 1857 on lands of all tenure-categories, including birta and jagir, in t he pargannas of Mahottari, Kodari, Khesraha, Bahaura, and Barahaga. In addition, revenue from the moujas of Bardaha and Bilasharigama in Mahottari perganna, was assigned to him for the same period to finance saltpeter procurement. Basudev Mehtarii was granted authority to collect revenue from all existing sources (mal-jihat), sair-jihat, kul, hubutat, bahama, Jehati, and amilan levies) in these three moujas. 



    The order apportioned the saltpeter output in the areas placed under the jurisdiction of Basudev Mehtrai as follows:- 

Vikrama Year  Total Output  Producers’ Share Government’s Share

                       (in mauds)   (in mauds)   (in maunds) 

    1853   220   110   110

    1854   220   110   110

    1855   220   110   110

    1856   220   110   110

    1857   220   110   110

          Total   1,100   550   550

                            maunds  maunds  maunds 

    Basudev Mehtari was required to purchase the producers’ share of the saltpeter output, pack it in bags, and deliver it at Sindhuli. Procurement and porterage expenses were sanctioned at the rate of Rs. 3¼ a maund, thus making a total bill of Rs. 1,787½ for 550 maunds of saltpeter during the five-year period, or Rs. 357½ a year. 

          Particulars of revenue assessed from the above-mentioned moujas were as follows:- 

Vikrama Year  Bardaha Bilasharigama   Total

          1853   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1854   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1855   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1856   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1857   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½ 

    The total crude saltpeter output, inclusive of the producers’ share, was 220 maunds year. Basudev Mehtari was ordered to process the crude saltpeter, produce 110 maunds of refined saltpeter every year, and deliver it at Sindhuli. 

Regmi Resarch Collection, Vol. 23. pp. 266-67.


गुद-गुदी है बूंद-बूंदी May 8, 2009

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गुद-गुदी है बूंद-बूंदी !!!

धीरे धीरे हवा चली, मौसम सुहाना बन पड़ी
हवा संग नाचने, काली बादल निकल पड़ी
नदी चली तरंग में, संगीत उमंग की निकल पड़ी
हरी पतियों पर बूंद गिरी, मोतियों सी निखर पड़ी
हरी बालियों को बूंद चूमी, खेत-खलिआन झूम पड़ी
पंछीओ की चुच से, चु-चु निकल पड़ी
चुन्नी-मुन्नी कूदे आँगन में, कागजी-नाऊ निकल पड़ी
धुप संग रंग मिली, इन्द्रधनुष निकल पड़ी
हात पर बूंद लिया, मन को हुई गुद-गुदी

Ram Manohar, May 08, 2009


Thumbs Up !! Big B May 2, 2009

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Aishwariya Rai Bachchan(L), Amitabh Bachchan (C) and Abhishek Bachchan

You have voted for the recent General election … in spite of above 40 degree celcius temperature, news of violence, long queue on polling booth, long list of criminals as candidate, and in spite of your busy schedule … Thumbs Up … but no Middle finger plz.

Yes, Show Thumbs Up and don’t show Middle finger. Isn’t it depict ugly? For what purpose your middle finger was raised? For Indian democracy? For candidate you not voted? For those people who escaped voting ? For the Indian media? or For your own ? Even child in primary school today knows, what it means, if middle finger is shown.

whatever the reason, but it gives a ugly picture of yours through the media. Even though it may not have been required to show any finger, if at all you voted, but it’s ok, you want to glamourize the act.

There were many from glam industry showing middle finger in the morning news paper. Just imagine, how would have people started the day, seeing your middle finer at the early morning. How the smile on your face was contracting the sign of your funger? and how the western world will think of your family pack in middle finger up?

But some people were good to show all finger together, and not the only middle, while showing blue ink (mark of you have casted your voting).

Why not Thumbs Up? It would have been better, if you along with your wife Jaya, son Abhishek and Bahu Aishwaya would have given Thumbs-up. A symbol of confidence. 

Thumbs Up !!! Thumbs up


गूगल हिंदी अनुवाद की पेशकश – or Birth of Hingoole ? May 6, 2008

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गूगल हिंदी अनुवाद की पेशकश” is the Google way of saying “Google offers Hindi translation”.

Google has done once again next to impossible. May 2008 “Google offers Hindi translation” for Indian people. Not only Hindi, but Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are also part of new development.

Using this feature, user will be able to translate online from English to Hindi and vice-versa.

Translating English to Hindi may not be of so much difficult as, translating Hindi to English. Being computer freak I know the difficulty, to parse the grammar of Hindi language through computer programming. And in either case, translating sentence from one language to another is itself challenge. But at the bottom of the translation-engine is the rule for placing Subject, verb and object in proper sequences. Simple translation of each word does work.

But as everyone might be guessing. The Google translator is not perfect. In simple sentence it will give good result, but in complex sentence, it gives alot of error. Error not only in Words, but also in syntex. Where word is complex, translator put the word as it is.


“”“I love you””= “” मैं प्रेम आप “” – Sentence with Quote

“I love you” = “मैं आपसे प्यार करता / करती हूँ – Sentence without Quote

But some of the problem are in the area where it is proper noun. Suppose If someone named “Sher Singh” appears in sentence, then it will be translated to Lion Tiger.

“, शेर-शायरी” = “, The lion – poetry”

शेर-शायरी” = “Sher – poetry”

I found a way to deceive translator in a while. Its Case sensitive. Like,

“Tiger is strong” = “टाइगर मजबूत है”

“tiger is strong” = “बाघ मजबूत है”

Right now in summary I can only say, Google translator fumbles away with literal dictionary words when one tries complex sentences, idiomatic usage or slang words. The Hindi translation of the summary line is “फिलहाल में सार का कहना है कि मैं ही कर सकते हैं , गूगल अनुवादक fumbles दूर शब्दों के साथ शाब्दिक शब्दकोश की कोशिश करता है जब एक जटिल वाक्यों , शब्दों में बोली या उपयोग मुहावरेदार”. What language is this? Can you make it out? Let say it “Hingoole”. A Google standard Hindi + English.

When Hindi mixed with English, we had Hinglish. Now Google made it Hingoole or Hingoolish. Which one sounds better :)?

If you are able to make anything out of this new Google tool, start using. Your Hindi proficient parents will simple have boundless happiness with the new google offer. Give a try with some Hindi movie songs and films title names, and see it for yourself @|hi


The Problem is.. May 2, 2008

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The Problem is..

It has been long, I tried posting on mine blog. I wouldn’t have been instigated either, had it not been a failure to post a comment on a post on a blog. To mine best luck, the comment section of the blog post is blocked. The reason is blogger personal issue, and fear of getting exposed in front of light.

The blog title is as you see “the problem is”.. its really a problem in the intellectually fresh graduate. Most confused, and trying to be idealist, and pretending to be realistic, rather than practicing the realistic.

Be it Engineering grad or MBA grad. Each one has so solid theory in mind and fresh energy in body that they miss out a fact that “Theory of Constraint” is also something, and it lies out of academic course. Tragedy is, nowhere during Engg or MBA had this theory appeared, but it plays implicit role everywhere. The problem is when we read any theory, constraint has never been considered, and as a result out real life problem solving nature has not been modeled accordingly to consider the “constraint factor”.

In simple language “Constraint” is nothing but a dimension which says you can’t bypass the relationship of one earthly entity with another. Constraint mutely express, if you wish to ignore this relationship and want to move ahead, don’t expect that the world will change in your absence. “Constraint” also says that if you want to make difference for other, take others into confidence, else be happy with the difference you have with others, and enjoy the happiness alone.

There are thousands and thousands of constraint around. For Ex. Everyone is not equal. If you have money, but that may not guarantee you have right to purchase whole world. You may have brilliant ideas, superb knowledge, and you may be exceptionally intelligent, but that doesn’t mean that whoever remain unconvinced by your thinking process don’t deserve to be listened. You may have millions dreams, trillions aspirations, zillions energy and limitless self-confidence and self dependency to convert into reality, but that in no way can/should stop others to multiple your success by becoming part of your story.

“My intellect, my views on life, my ways of life, my level of maturity matter and matter a lot”. Off course it matter a lot to you. But you can’t ignore the constraint of being in humanly world. If you want to live in human jungle, so does have to bear the rule of jungle. Else there is always path open for “Himalaya” and “Kailash Parwat”. I remember one of mine friend’s signature line which has Arbindo statement.

Whoever is too great must lonely live,
Adored he walks in his mighty solitude:
Vain in his labor to create his kin
His only comrade is the strength within.
Sri Aurobindo

To rule and systematize the jungle, Human discovered the concept of “Democracy”. No matter what’s the outcome. No matter even if it is voted by majority of monkeys to select a donkey, it is alright in so called “self proclaimed” civilized society, for the heck of “Democracy”. And to strengthen the so called democracy, we abide by the theory of “Oh! It has been happening for centuries. It must be right!” Or “That great man said it, it must be right.”.

But why be so critical of this “Democratic” value, only because it has belief in majorities? Are everyone in world bestowed with equally knowledge, patience, resource, emotion and love? If not, how can two individual be of equal competent. Suppose a person is born blind, then extending stick to blind person is in no way disrespect of his capabilities. If some child is crying hungrily, then extending food even without permission doesn’t mean infringement into child’s choice of freedom. If some physically challenged fail to stand confidently in front, then caressing and motivating doesn’t means it is insult to their inner confidence.

Then who is going to decide, who need stick, and who need food, and who need caressing and who need motivation. Should it be one person decision or should it be a decision of collection? Should each one be leader of one man army, or should everyone be follower of each other? Should we demolish old beliefs and create new one daily, or should we follow the old beliefs without any eyebrow?

With all these questions at the center, we have challenge of defining the success for life amid thousand of constraint in life.

Success means exceeding the beloved expectations, success means creating a reason for other to be proud of you; success means finding your happiness in others dream; success means you are missed by someone; success means you complete others life; success means get engulfed in dancing surrounding; success means taking other to dance with you; success means not stopping talk with others; success means creating one good moment for others; success means laughing in pain; success means keep going continuously; success means beating the challenge; Success means managing the constraint;

And the problem is … we are trying to find success in some corporate AC room…in some university lecture.. in some well written book.. And getting success spelled on a A4 size paper in golden ink by some other for you. Getting accompanied by a free voucher for eat outs.

To mine surprise… people found the way to comment on initially discussed post through On the second story…