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मेरी वोह कैसी होगी – meree woh kaisee hogee February 28, 2006

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मेरी वोह कैसी होगी


किसी को खबर होगी,

कोइ तो बताओ,

मेरी वोह कैसी होगी,

कैसी है कँहा होगी


दिखती वोह होगी कैसी,

बोलती होगी खट्टी-मिठी,

हसती होगी सासे लेके,

चल्ती होगी सर झुका के,

पढ्ती होगी राते लगा के


दिखती होगी परी जैसी,

नाक थोडी लम्बी मोटी,

आँखे उसकी होगी काली,

काले घने लम्बे बाल,

दिम्पल बाली चौडे गाल


गुलाबी उसके होंट पे होंगे

बर्फ़ ने दि होंगे रंगे,

जल्ती दिया जैसे सौम्य,

घने बादल बरस्ते बाल,

ह्र्दय होगे बडे बिशाल,

धिरज दी होगी धर्ती,

हवाँ से बाते करती होगी,

चाँद ने कि होगी सर्मिन्दगी,

हिम्सिखर जितनी होगी लम्बै,

सागर जितनी मन हो गहरी,

मेरी वोह कैसी होगी,

मेरी वोह कैसी होगी !!!


राम मनोहर



Kosmix: Desi Pride February 25, 2006

Google Earth.jpg
Another big challenge to Google. More than MicroSoft, kosmix is trying to touch sensitive area of google. Web search business. Yes, kosmix, which claim to have different search engine than google is in fact little different from google. I tried for around 15 min yesterday. As they claim, search was really crisp; all the search result link were very much relevant. kosmix claim to have more understanding of users behaviour. Most of the users do not go beyound first page of result. Even if they donot find result on first page, users prefer to resubmit search with different keyword. Thus google multi page, 1000s of suggested links becomes useless. Also, the search logic is little different. than Google . kosmix search pages on the content basis, beyond links pointing web pages, as done by google.
  But i want to say to kosmix, curbing search results and decreasing number of results, do not make it closer to users. kosmix claim, even if user do not go beyound first page result, I think google is not loosing any thing. But kosmix may loose serious users who like to go beyond first page result. Curbing on the number of results may sometime restrict some of good links from suggested link.

About my preference, I like google, and simply a great fan of it. I have explored a number of ways on googling. Atleast buy now, I can claim I know more methods of searching, than claimed on goolge page. Donot be confused, I don’t submit more queries, or I have magic words, and neither do I know how to hack google. It is only practice that had made me more professional in extracting much relevent informtion on relevent times. For example you cannot submit simple search when you want current information about any company, submit search on News category. Here you will get current information , may be just an hour old news about company, which is more relevant and current. Try this before going to some company interview. Like this there are many other ways. Hope in some discussion, we will explore some of the googling techniques…………. And this is the main reason where google will have lead over kosmix. yes, u guessed, kosmix donot have news, or blog or image etc category. If you haven’t tried more option than simple search in google, than I suggest you to try some more also.

Yes more important and excitement about I donot want to miss this. kosmix is the brain child of Indian, mallu. Venky Harinarayan, Founder has exp in Another founder is Anand Rajaraman, again from Amazon. There are 3  Indian out of 4 people in management broad. Great pride for Indian.

My best wishes for Kosmix.

Ram Manohar


Nasa World Wind

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Nasa Wind.jpg 

Google should by now start thinking about competitors. Microsoftware will take a breath now.  For time being MS will be more than happy with the news that some of the google domain area is being challenged by other players.
In the last two days I have came across two applications which can challenge google dominance. Nasa World Wind and kosmix are the two words in this series. I will talk about NWW here. Kosmix we will discuss in next section.
  Nasa World Wind(NWW) is substitute of Google Earth(GE), a software application to navigate world on finger tips. GE when released almost a year back made a really big impression on users. People were more than happy to see their building’s top on world net. Some people started locating their gali and nukad.
  GE also had to face some wrath from Govt Agencies from White house to Red flag Dragon. Indian Govt too managed to remove some sensitive images from GM satellite map.
  NWW is a step ahead in Earth locating and browsing. They offer a lot type of images from different satellites. You have to select the satellite type before browsing. Picture quality is fantastic. What I liked was the horizontal inclination, means seeing the earth horizontal perspective as if seeing earth from a TV tower rather than a satellite. Truly 3D.  Another wonderful feature was more than earth. Guess what ??? Yes.. beyond earth, you can even browse on moon surface. Certainly more than GE. In the short period(about 10 min) of my browsing , NWW really impressed me.
 But NWW has to improve on certain account. NWW focus more on geography rather than human habitation. So no point of wasting your time on finding your car in the parking plot. Second was, even though their quality of image is good , but only upto certain height. You cannot zoom much closer to your school building or play ground area.
 Hope NWW will make a great improvement and reach a new height of success.
My best wishes for NWW.

Ram Manohar


हमको आगे चलना होगा ! – hamako aage chalanaa hogaa ! February 21, 2006

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हमको आगे चलना होगा


मेरी इस द्वेस को समझो,

दु:ख भरी इस भेष को समझो,

कल तक मैने तुझे माना था,

आज तुझे अब जाना है


मेरी ऐसी कोइ अभिलाषा न थी,

पाने की भी कोइ लाल्सा न थी,

पर खोना भी नहीं चाहते थे,

मन मे यही बडी उल्झन थी,

मन मे यही बडी उल्झन थी


देखा था बहुत सपना मैने,

खोना नहीं तुझे सोचा मैने,

रोना नही जब हो न तेरा साथ,

डरना नही जब हो न तेरा हाथ


पीछे नहीं अब लौटन मुझे,

आगे की अब सोच्ना है मुझे,

कल की वह बात थी सम्झो,

आज की इस हाल को सम्झो,

समय की इस काल को सम्झो,

बदले हुवे इस ताल को सम्झो,

सबके सामने है मजबुरी,

आगे रास्ता मे है मुस्किल पडीं


होगी तेरी भी कोइ मजबुरी,

बढाई होगी जो तुम्ने दुरी,

तुम्हारी भी कोइ आशा होगी,

तभी कमजोंड पडीं यह आस्था होगी,

दुर किया होगा तब यह रास्ता,

नहीं मिलने की अब होगी वास्ता


तुने भी तो कुछ सोचा होगा,

ईश्वर को कुछ पुछा होगा,

कैसा मेरा जीवन होगा,

जबाब तुझे कुछ मिला होगा,


आँखो के ये आंसू पोछो,

दर्द भरे ये बासु सम्झो,

हमको आगे चलना होगा,

हमको आगे चलना होगा


राम मनोहर साह 21 Feb 2006    



Socimetrol February 19, 2006

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Socimetrol =>  soci(eta)l + metro  

Since Delhi metro started is operation in Dec-2002, it has not seen it back. The success story has just multiplied day by day. The acceptance of Delhi Metro as mass commuter has increased many fold. People have started experiencing the so called world call transportation system. With the given pace, we can expect, after some decade, to replace the existing suffocating old railway too. The rolling metro has also started pulling us toward citizen of tomorrow’s “Socimetrol” society. Lets being with some story behind this blog idea.     Yesterday I was on the way to habitat center from hostel. Driver didn’t have clear idea about the road map. So he preferred to take us along the ring road instead of some short known to some one. This was not the fist time I was peeping trhough the window of the bus. Some other friends were also traveling . One of our friend suddenly discovered a white building, very nice, well maintained, looking like maharaja palace. He got to know that it is Delhi Vidhan sabha. Traveling in a reserved bus with your friend is very interesting, that is what I feel. And if you are in the ring road around ITO, ISBT then you get to see a lot of greenery around. Yamuna along the ring road magnifies the excitement. One of the most green and beautiful place is RajGhat, the place where mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi were cremated. Looking such a magnificent place, one among us the name of the place. And other asked about the importance of the place. After that series of name suggestions started pouring. Rajghat- Mahatma Gandhi?? Vijayghat Mahatma_ghandhi?? Rajghat-Indira Ghandi, Rajeev Ghandhi?? Different ideas came. And then came a billboard stating Rajghat as Mahatma Ghandhi Samadhi.   These are only some of the trailers of future time that next generation is going see. There is no point of blaming the next generation for (literally) what they will not be able to apprehend. It is the current generation digging tunnel for them to pass through it. No freedom to think “where else there can be possibility”. Only making them focus on the destination, no time to peep outside window.

  Not only Vidhan Sabha and Rajghat, but there are a lot many thing which next generation will be able to find it. Indian Train transient market will be one of them. a old man with a aluminium tea kettle saying “Garma garam Chai“; a young boy crying ” Chana, Chana, Timepass, Timepass“; next one with lalus clay pot  “Coffee, Coffee“, and garm chat-pat, nau masala, barah(12) swada wala “Jhal Murhee, Jhal Murhi” will be forgotton voices altogether. Book stores and Magazine wala will find some other route for there survival. One of the most down to earth song of bollywood, Big B’s turning point lyrics “Shaari Duniya aa bojh hum oothatey hai” will have to go through DJ remix to find old place. A new society in metro culture will then discuss “Socimetrol“.
Delhi_train.jpgDelhi metro is different from its counter part in India in different ways. (Kolkata metro is almost same as Delhi metro). Metros are generally operating few hundred feet below underground. You will hardly get lights passing through the tunnel. People rushing for accelerator; Billboards and Advertising banners out side to peep; Dark looming most of the time, on plateform and on the way. And a special voice accompanying you “Please mind the gap”; “aagla station chauwri bazar hai”; “aapna saman leyjana na bholey”; “Thank you”. These monotonous voice accompanying you through one directional (I will prefer to say directional less) journey. No ease , no west, no south, no north.

New social norms will be evolved, new economic model will be developed, new breed of culture will be accepted. At this junction of time Old people will wonder, where has the directionless tunnel led the next generation to ??
societal->Relating to human society and its members
metro->An electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city) 
Please send your comments.   Ram Manohar    






भैंस छैं केक्कर – Bhais Chhai kekkar

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भैंस छैं केक्कर -मैथली  



देश हैइ हमर, भैंस छैं केक्कर,

ई अपन खेत है केक्कर,

खेल्ली कुदली पढली ईहा पर,

गाई चरैली पोखरी मुहार पर,

आई पुछैछैं, हम कँहा के,

कोइ त पुछीऔ, ऊ छैं कहाँ के


बान्ध बनैली, खेत जोतैछी,

माँथ पर कपडा, टोकरी चढैली,

शुखल माइट मे, पानी पटैली,

दुन्नु हातसे ख्रुर्पी चलैली,

तब जा के हम धान कटैली,

आई पुछैछैं, हम कँहा के,

कोइ त पुछीऔ, ऊ छैं कहाँ के


जाता चला के रोटी पकैली,

भात पशैली, नुन मिलैंली,

तब जा के ई घर बनैली,

आई पुछैछैं, हम कँहा के,

कोइ त पुछीऔ, ऊ छैं कहाँ के


आरी बनैलि, बाट बनैली,

बैल लगाके, गरी चलैली,

ईटा पथ्थर खोइजके लैली,

घर बनैली, खपडां चढैंली,

तब जा के ई गाँम बनैली,

आई पुछैछैं, हम कँहा के,

कोइ त पुछीऔ, ऊ छैं कहाँ के



राम मनोहर साह

19th Feb, 2006


सबाल तो बहुत है February 17, 2006

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सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं,

क्या है जो मुझॆ कुछ करना, जो मै नहीं कर रहा,

क्या है जिस से मुझॆ लड्ना है, कोइ मुझॆ दिखा नहीं

सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं,

क्या है जो मै कर रहा हू,

क्या है जो मुझॆ करना है,

क्या है जो मुझॆ करना चाहिये,

कुछ भी मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं

सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं,

क्या है जो वो बोल रहा, और मैने सुना नहीं

क्या है जिन्दगी सोच रखा,

क्या मुझॆ रोक रहा,

क्या मुझॆ थाम रहा,

कुछ मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं

सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं,

कौन मेरे साथ है, बोल रह क्या बात है वोह,

क्या है उसका इशारा, समझन नहीं आ रहा,

क्या है सामने पडा हुआ, जो मुझॆ दिख नहीं रहा

सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं,

क्या है ऐसी जिन्दगी, कि दर भी नहीं, और खुशी भी नहीं,

क्या है यह राज, जो सामने पडा पर खुली नहीं

पकडी हुइ है बाहे, पर खुली नहीं है राहे,

खुली हुइ है आँखॆ, पर काली भरी है आगे

सबाल तो बहुत है, पर हल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

कहाँ मिलेगी रास्ता, जब मंजिल मुझॆ पत्ता नहीं,

क्यॊ है ऎसी बॆचैनी, जवाब मुझॆ मिला नहीं

राम मनोहर साह

17th Feb, 2006