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Heritage of ‘Ctrl + C’ & ‘Ctrl + V’ February 15, 2006

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“Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” is quite common practice in Indian glamorous intellectual. If the success story of Indian brand in Foreign places is to be considered, “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” has played a major roll. Do you know India for the first time had its trade surplus, Why ?? Guess:). Ans is  Due to “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V”.  Yes, if today’s Indian Software market is to be seen, then “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” have helped our software developer immensely. Young, dynamic, brilliant, intelligent developer inside IT industry knows how to use “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” efficiently and effectively (another phrase in B-school). Yes, popular Quote goes “Work smart, not hard“. I have always been fan of “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V”, since the day I touched keyboard.  When did I start using keyboard??? Any guesses!!! 2nd semester. But you will wonder how? Any guess, Copy paste (smart answer??).  When we had assignment for our C programs, only some of the fandu guys can crack the problems. Rest people (like us) use to do smart work. Copy the program on your hard disk, and start changing the Variables & Functions names (and if required change some logic as well). And your smart work is over. This smart work paid off till we passed of our college.

         Do you think, only Computer Guys can do smart work??? Then you are wrong. We inculcated this culture from first semester of college. Only the form was different. We had engineering drawing practical session compulsory for all Engg student (irrespective of the branch). Then we inherited the culture of TOPO (in some colleges it is known as topa or what ever u say). Again a fundu guy does hard work drawing sheet, rest will make sketch of it. I think topo is the short for topology (wordweb definition of topology: The branch of pure mathematics that deals only with the properties of a figure X that hold for every figure into which X can be transformed with a one-to-one correspondence that is continuous in both directions).

   But thinking back to school days (or even in the college, we called it as chothaa in RECD), we find that, topo idea was just a extension of copying notebook.

 Observing carefully, we see that, each one of us, till college life, have tried to do their work smartly, and off course by bringing different methodology in their core competency( drawing for Mech Engg, Coding for Comp Engg, hand written assignment for all of us).

 What do you think, people stops smart working after engineering. Hmmm… no no donot think so, they are so brilliant, how can B-school grads do it ?( Even if they want, How can they?) Their core competency is said to be in PowerPoint presentation. Well I do not want to answer it. Ask some B-grads to give a presentation on this topic, and find it your self.

xcv.jpg But the bottom line, is “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” culture only with software people, or Engg grade, or in secondary school. I think it is more to do with Indian mind set. Have anyone thought, why we are not able to develop products in IT sector (in which we pat our self). It is more to do with “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” mentality. We understand how to manage their source codes, but we don’t develop or suggest our model to suit their application. We feel easy in copying their model and suggesting on the similar line. That is why I think, we are best in application maintenance rather than product development. Only due to “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” mentality, I will say, we are more confident in copy concatenating western culture too (a very controversial topic, will discuss some other day).

We need to change the “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” psychology, if we want India to be the leader (as B-schools inspire us to be) country in world, because, follower cannot inculcate leadership quality.


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