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Kosmix: Desi Pride February 25, 2006

Google Earth.jpg
Another big challenge to Google. More than MicroSoft, kosmix is trying to touch sensitive area of google. Web search business. Yes, kosmix, which claim to have different search engine than google is in fact little different from google. I tried for around 15 min yesterday. As they claim, search was really crisp; all the search result link were very much relevant. kosmix claim to have more understanding of users behaviour. Most of the users do not go beyound first page of result. Even if they donot find result on first page, users prefer to resubmit search with different keyword. Thus google multi page, 1000s of suggested links becomes useless. Also, the search logic is little different. than Google . kosmix search pages on the content basis, beyond links pointing web pages, as done by google.
  But i want to say to kosmix, curbing search results and decreasing number of results, do not make it closer to users. kosmix claim, even if user do not go beyound first page result, I think google is not loosing any thing. But kosmix may loose serious users who like to go beyond first page result. Curbing on the number of results may sometime restrict some of good links from suggested link.

About my preference, I like google, and simply a great fan of it. I have explored a number of ways on googling. Atleast buy now, I can claim I know more methods of searching, than claimed on goolge page. Donot be confused, I don’t submit more queries, or I have magic words, and neither do I know how to hack google. It is only practice that had made me more professional in extracting much relevent informtion on relevent times. For example you cannot submit simple search when you want current information about any company, submit search on News category. Here you will get current information , may be just an hour old news about company, which is more relevant and current. Try this before going to some company interview. Like this there are many other ways. Hope in some discussion, we will explore some of the googling techniques…………. And this is the main reason where google will have lead over kosmix. yes, u guessed, kosmix donot have news, or blog or image etc category. If you haven’t tried more option than simple search in google, than I suggest you to try some more also.

Yes more important and excitement about I donot want to miss this. kosmix is the brain child of Indian, mallu. Venky Harinarayan, Founder has exp in Another founder is Anand Rajaraman, again from Amazon. There are 3  Indian out of 4 people in management broad. Great pride for Indian.

My best wishes for Kosmix.

Ram Manohar


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  1. kleef Says:

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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