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Nasa World Wind February 25, 2006

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Nasa Wind.jpg 

Google should by now start thinking about competitors. Microsoftware will take a breath now.  For time being MS will be more than happy with the news that some of the google domain area is being challenged by other players.
In the last two days I have came across two applications which can challenge google dominance. Nasa World Wind and kosmix are the two words in this series. I will talk about NWW here. Kosmix we will discuss in next section.
  Nasa World Wind(NWW) is substitute of Google Earth(GE), a software application to navigate world on finger tips. GE when released almost a year back made a really big impression on users. People were more than happy to see their building’s top on world net. Some people started locating their gali and nukad.
  GE also had to face some wrath from Govt Agencies from White house to Red flag Dragon. Indian Govt too managed to remove some sensitive images from GM satellite map.
  NWW is a step ahead in Earth locating and browsing. They offer a lot type of images from different satellites. You have to select the satellite type before browsing. Picture quality is fantastic. What I liked was the horizontal inclination, means seeing the earth horizontal perspective as if seeing earth from a TV tower rather than a satellite. Truly 3D.  Another wonderful feature was more than earth. Guess what ??? Yes.. beyond earth, you can even browse on moon surface. Certainly more than GE. In the short period(about 10 min) of my browsing , NWW really impressed me.
 But NWW has to improve on certain account. NWW focus more on geography rather than human habitation. So no point of wasting your time on finding your car in the parking plot. Second was, even though their quality of image is good , but only upto certain height. You cannot zoom much closer to your school building or play ground area.
 Hope NWW will make a great improvement and reach a new height of success.
My best wishes for NWW.

Ram Manohar


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