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A day with Dilli Raj Sharma March 25, 2006

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 Mahendra Malangia(Left) and Dilli Raj Sharma(Right).JPG

 I have been in touch with this eminent Historian of Nepal, since I landed in Delhi. But never though in depth about the contributions he is doing to history and archeology. In fact I never tried to explore too. We became quite friends in these 8 months of stay in delhi.

Yesterday, I came to know that he is returning back to Nepal since he is done with his Research paper. Today, after MIS paper I rushed to him after lunch.

   There I came to know about his Doctorate topics and in the same context I came to know much about Nepal’s History and archeology. The perspective was entirely different than what is being told and heard in normal discussions. Generally, Nepal History starts with Shah Dynasty and Ends there only ( 1743 AD to till date, around 250 years). and that too political dimension. No clutural aspects, no social aspects. that too in discriminatory way.

 Dilli Raj Sharma’s work extents much beyound todays Historians view. He has studied cultural aspects of Nepal from 7th Century to 17th century. A great effort. Sir, you deserve a lot of praise. At end of discussion. he also agreed for Digitisation of his work on web some day. Hope his work will open a new door of research and Discussion in ancient history of Nepal.

He has some of the publications on his name.

I managed to get some more info about him from Net.

Currently he serves in Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is also Editor of “Contributions to Nepalese Studies”.

By the end of our chat, a disappointing news, today he was having RNAC flight to Nepal, but the flight got cancelled. No Comment .. Its RNAC…



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