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Managing RMG Pool May 19, 2006

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From the day, a fresher joins Software Company, he starts cursing RMG. Probably this is the first place after HR dept in software industry, which decides one’s faith.

I have some of the interesting experience with RMG. and I am sure everyone has their own share of experience to share. And I also remember an incident in Chennai, when whole of the 2 trainee batches (Around 50 freshers) were transferred to their home location due to one of my friend had some hot issues with RMG. Oh.. Unlucky previous two batches…

Yes, thinking .. What is RMG?? Great, Resource Management Group. People in software very well know this dept. Company name this dept to their choice, but the basic work is same. A dept to manage pool of unutilized people.

Every company in India today is facing problem of bench. Again, a word quite famous in software industry, but not written any where in documented. When a person is not allocated to any project (or say dept), he remains with RMG pool. Doing nothing, just moving around, asking friends in proj, what they have done today; trying to get hold of some friend so that he/she can check mail on his/her computer; hanging around cafeteria and library at best. And worst, spoiling fresher career.

Every company will have their own story, projecting minimized figure of RMG pool. But what ever they speak, all knows the size of it. India, I think 30 % of the people are on bench.

Now my question is, can we utilize these resources (fresher) to benefit organization? Answer is, yes, it can be done.

We can have a PL(Project leader), TL(Team Lead), TL (Tech lead), PM(Project Manager) and the team members from the resources. Let them decide what they want to do, what they want to experiment, what they want to design, what they want to develop, and what they want to learn.

Have the look at the assumptions behind the idea

1. Every company wants to do R&D, but they have not succeeded so far. Because once they are allocated inside a project, they code the same piece of code once again. The monotonous work of any project is not suitable for innovation.

2. The fresh idea, in the fresher out of college is full, and they have energy, enthusiasm, boundary less idea, eager to do some thing, and determination to prove them shelf.

3. The resource in RMG pool is not productive. They seats ideal. Company just need to give them a PC, which is equivalent to their one month salary(approx).

4. People on bench got demotivated as the time pass. The energy level goes down seeing the friends and people on projects. Smart people manage them self and find place in B’schools. And some prefer browsing

If we could properly manage these resources, they could be a new source of talented pool, creating value for the organization. But it needs some determination and some thinking on the side of top management.

And it will not be far that, these “Resource pool” will change to “Talent pool”. Creating new channel of profit to the organization through their innovative ideas and outcome. The outcome can be as

1. White papers for organization
2. New system design
3. New innovative software products
4. R&D practice
5. Creating learning organization.

Puzzling, and thinking…, this sounds good…hmmm.. But how it can be implemented. Well the implementation model looks like this,

1. Make compulsory provision for the entire fresher in RMG pool, that they have to publish an industry study paper in a week, a suggested improvement in that particular industry. Finding problems areas in the industry, possible solution for the problems. Key issues in the industry.
The time frame for each piece of expected outcome is predetermined and als the standard for all resources is outlined.
2. There should be a pool of management, which will monitor and manage these resources, and the outcome is deliverables to the top managements from time to time. These management people can be from RMG pool as well as from some other projects (voluntarily part time) or a dedicated team of people.
3. RMG pool will be divided into a number of teams, same as the real projects, each team consisting a dedicated number of resources for entire cycle of the project. Each team having its own PL, PM, TL and etc.
4. When RMG need resources from the pool to be allocated to the client projects, they can do that at any point of time. But keeping in mind that there is optimum loss to over all work being carried by RMG pool.

And what is the outcome,
1.People will get vertical specific knowledge; introduction, problem, best in class solution, improvement ideas, and etc; even before joining any particular client project.
2. And at best condition, organization can expect useful tools, software products, innovative ideas and many more results coming out of these talented bunches of peoples.

Hope thing idea makes sense.
If any one else has more innovative idea than this, please share it.


5 Responses to “Managing RMG Pool”

  1. aescleah Says:

    i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks

  2. marshall Says:

    thank you for your work

  3. eldreda Says:

    perfect site good information, very nice news and etc… tnx

  4. Ami Jha Says:

    Quite agreed with your ideas on making use of resource pool.
    some companies try to make the people sitting on bench in some other work like HR or IDM related small work.
    While in other time keep on attending training n seminars

  5. Abhishek Joshi Says:


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