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Struggling to achieve unwanted goals, and walking to reach undecided destination

Solay – Corporate Gyan July 25, 2006

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Its very good ppt, found today in my computer center.

Good gyan for corporate.



Dividing Undivided India July 23, 2006

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How will it be, dividing undivided India?

India, since its inception is facing lot of problems. Every next power hungry, selfish popular (some) politician is trying to divide india. Once. it is done some 60 years back. The same is going to happen. Once it was done on the basis of religion, next time, what will be cause donot know?

India, was again divided further, based on geography, based on language, based on regionalism. But this was different type of division than, first one.

The greedy power hungery people is each day dividing India bit by bit into SC/ST/OBC, religion, regionalism, nepotism and etc. What is their intention? god knows !!!

Lets divide India further , based of Rural/urban, poverty, illiteracy.

  1. Divide India into Rural and urban, atleast either of the 6 lac village will get an IIT or IIM or DU or AIIMS and some better roads. some rural village will become capital of the rural state.
  2. Divide India into littirate and illiterate, atleast some percentage of 40.5% illeterate will have some schools for their need.
  3. Divide India into Rich and Poor, atleast either of 26.1% BPL population will get medical, education, home under their reach.

Mission Impossible – Code DU July 17, 2006

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Date: July 17, each year.

Place: North Campus,Delhi

Mission: Breaching Castles of education

This is what, most of the brilliants student of
India hopes of to do, which is supposed to be impossible. But this mission impossible has become mission successful to many of the bright student today. Today is the first day of academic calendar in

Like each year, this year too, there was a lot of rush of new students in North campus streets. Cars, rickshaws, bikes, and peddlers, every one moving into zigzag direction, finding their first day in college.

A long queue in front of each college gate to get entry inside the college boundary, ID card verification by security personal standing as firewall. And student querying about Class rooms.

Mission Impossible – II.

Next phase, Security agencies have hand over for mission impossible project. Can these agencies ensure that DU is going to be a safe place for the newcomers? No non-serious, social loafers are going to leverage advantages.

Its very tough task, what every security personal is doing is really Mission Impossible, and a lot of thanks to them for making mission possible.

Can we improve upon the mechanism? Off course yar. There is always chance of improvement. Tell , what are the chance of improvement. Hmmmmm… Add more security personals, checking at more points, close circuit cameras, mobile patrolling and etc. Great na  !!!! But what are etc ? hmmmm ?? hmmmm?? hmmmm??

“Dimag ki bati jal gaei”, one more idea, smart card. Yeehhhhhhhhh.hurrrraayyyy I found it.

But boss, what are you talking about. What is this smart card ?

Well, buddhu, Metro rail… smart people use smart card… smart card yar, a rechargeable rectangular card, that u can carry to home.  Ab samajh may aaya.

Now you have a question…. boss, it is true, it is possible, it may be possible in US,
UK, but in
India….. impossible.

Wait.. wait.. It is possible. If metro train, just 100 meter away can implement the concept and use the technology, then why notDelhi

Ø      Use Smart card, in the place of ID card.

Ø      Install identification (scanning) machine at the gate of each college.

This will solve almost the entire problem. Only student will be able to enter college. The fake ID card problem will be solved. Security personal do not have to argue with social loafers, and few security personal will have to stand in front of gate.

Let’s hope. The
Mission impossible does not remain impossible, and DU listen it, and make it mission possible soon.


Love marriage or Arrange Marriage?

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What is the answer? Frankly speaking , I do not know. Do you have, if yes then please send the answer to me.


But I have answer of another question, Individual marriage or family marriage?

I will vote for family marriage.


You will ask, why boss?  Because, marriage is not simply a drama, it is a process, a mechanism through which bonds are created between involved parties. If the marriage is individual type, then it is a one-to-one bond. And if it is a family marriage then there is many-to-many bonds. Now you can easily find which bond will be stronger and last longer.


You have a doubt, why other bonds are required, when there are only two individuals involved, and only they have to scarify, and only they are affected. Ok… so the answer is “family bond is fevical ka bond, jo tutayga nahii”. Back to serious point, yes it is true, only two individual as concerned. But when the individuals decide to go for marriage, they too know that in the uncertain (world) future, there are a number of hiccups on the journey, and may be at some point of time, there bond can crack. To make the ever lasting journey, strong bond is required. This is what new couples expect at the time of marriage. And family marriage fulfill the wish, that’s it.


But hey dude, do not be excited, do you thing that you have found the mantra for long lasting bond. Off course, you have founded, cheers !!!


But dude, where is the family in this materialistic world?