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Dividing Undivided India July 23, 2006

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How will it be, dividing undivided India?

India, since its inception is facing lot of problems. Every next power hungry, selfish popular (some) politician is trying to divide india. Once. it is done some 60 years back. The same is going to happen. Once it was done on the basis of religion, next time, what will be cause donot know?

India, was again divided further, based on geography, based on language, based on regionalism. But this was different type of division than, first one.

The greedy power hungery people is each day dividing India bit by bit into SC/ST/OBC, religion, regionalism, nepotism and etc. What is their intention? god knows !!!

Lets divide India further , based of Rural/urban, poverty, illiteracy.

  1. Divide India into Rural and urban, atleast either of the 6 lac village will get an IIT or IIM or DU or AIIMS and some better roads. some rural village will become capital of the rural state.
  2. Divide India into littirate and illiterate, atleast some percentage of 40.5% illeterate will have some schools for their need.
  3. Divide India into Rich and Poor, atleast either of 26.1% BPL population will get medical, education, home under their reach.

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