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A complete 360 degree July 2, 2007

Filed under: IT Industry,Management — rammanohar @ 11:45 am

I started writing last year in february. It has been almost more than a year. But has been away for long time from blog. What happened ? Where I was ? Why not writing ? Many question, but one answer..  nothing happned, its just time & mood.

 But its has really been a long jouney since then. Back to mine previous company after management studies. And It has been almost a month, that I am re-introduced into corporate world.

Just now I called mine previous PL (Proj Leader), he is busy. Not a new thing. But it remined the old days of programmer. He is busy with ABEND(A bold bug of black Mainframe world) resolution. Seating in cubicle, its appears as if its 360 degree after 2 years.

But will I be contributing to the blog now after ? Ans is : I don’t know. Let see. One thing that I see, I don’t like chitc-chat most, so its very difficult to say, how much time it will take of mine.

The last one year was fantastic in blog, and outside blog. In blog, I started Hindi Poetry, and outside blog I continued writing on general topics, mostly related to Nepalese context, and most of them got publised too.

Lets see…  how soon I will be back again.


2 Responses to “A complete 360 degree”

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