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After the Sugauli Treaty January 6, 2008

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After the Sugauli Treaty

Royal order to Kaji Balanar Singh Kunwar, Sardar Ram Sundar Thapa, Subba Jayanta Khatri and Ram Singh Kunwar.

A treaty has been signed with the British under which territories east of the Mech rice in both the hills and the Tarai have been given away to them. Any person who possesses sources of income in those territories shall recall his agents and hand over such sources to the British authorities. Appropriate arrangements shall be made regarding lands in areas west of the Mechi ricer.

Baisakh Badi 8, 1873

Regmi Research Collection, vol. 36, p. 266.

Two separate notifications issued on Shrawan Badi 6, 1873 for the Kali-Rapti and Rapti-Gandak regions instructed revenue and other officials employed by the government of Nepal to hand over charge to officials of the (East India) Company in accordance with the terms of the (Sugauli) treaty.

Regmi Research Collection, vol. 36, p. 299.

Royal order to Subedar Bhimsen Baniya: ”Do not let herds of cows and buffaloes be taken through the gates of the Pauwa fort in Sindhuli, as such a practice will damage the road. However, traders shall be allowed to bring in buffaloes through that road.

”Remove all settlement from the area south of the Mahabharat mountains, north of the Churia hills, west of Kawala and east of Pipaldanda. Close all tracks in that area and let it grow as a forest.

Poush Sudi 3, 1873

Regmi Research Collection, vol. 36, pp. 343-44.

On the same date, people employed in checkposts maintained along the Mahabharat range were ordered to help Subedar Bhimsen Baniya implement the arrangements mentioned above. The order added, ”Close all tracks in the area and render them unusable by planting bamboo, cane and thorny bushes as before.”

Poush Sudi 3, 1873

Regmi Research Collection, vol. 36, pp. 343-44.


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