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Old letter indicating Mahottari Paraganna January 6, 2008

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This is a letter from Nepal King Girban, written in 1812 AD. This letter confirms the existance of Mahaottari Village (5 KM north of Jaleshwar), Mahottari Parganna (consists of 11 neighbor villages), and Sudiyahi Village (5KM west of Jaleshwar). ————————————————————–
Confirmation Of Land Grant Made During Solar Eclipse

From King Giraban,
To Gopal Jha, son of Tata Jha.

Formally, the King of Makwanpur had granted the mouja of Sudiyahi on Mahottari parganna of Mahottari district, after indicating the boundaries thereof, as Kush Birta during as solar eclipse with the object of propitiate.

Vishnu. Our father (i.e. King Ran Bahadur) has confirmed this grant for propitiating Vishnu. Udaya Singh and Ganapati Padhya had been deputed to measure the lands so that a copper plate might be issued. They have demarcated the boundaries and submitted their report. We hereby issue this royal order on copper plate (confirming the grant) of the lands being utilized so far as well as all revenures accruing therefrom, with the exception of Godduwa, Gadimubarak, Chumawan and Sair. With due loyalty, reclaim the land and promote settlement, and appropriate the prodece, knowing it to be Kush Birta, and enjoy happiness from generation to generation. Wish victory for us and bless us. The Birta owner shall not encroach upon lands nor mentioned in the grant, which shall not be confiscated without any offense being committed. In case you so nit comply with these restrictions, you shall be a sinner in this world. Any person who confiscates land granted by himself or by other shall be reborn as a worm and live in human excretion fro 60,000 years.
Baisakh 1 (Badi 8 ) 1869


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