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Dittha Budhisagar Padhya’s Assignments January 26, 2008

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This document proves, that Military was used in the past to collect tax from madhesi people.

Dittha Budhisagar Padhya’s Assignments

(Abstract translations)

1. On Magh Badi 2, 1921 (January 1865), the following district administrators were ordered to realize the heavy arrears of revenue that had accumulated between 1908 and 1921 vikrama (A.D. 1851 and 1865) and hand over the documents relating to such collection to Dittha Budhisagar Upadhyaya of the Bandobast Kachahari:-

1. Lt. Colonel Bhim Bikram Singh Thapa Chhetri, Parsa

2. Lt. Colonel Maharman Singh Rajbhandari, Sarlahi.

3. Lt. Colonel Himmat Bahadur Shah, Bara.

4. Lt. Colonel Jitman Singh K.C., Saptari

5. Lt. Surya Pratap Shah, Rautahat.

6. Major-Captain Ujir Singh, Mahottari.

7. Subba Rupan Das, Morang.

8. Colonel Shivashankar Padhya, Morang Kathmahal.

9. Lt. Colonel Bakhtwar Singh Khatri, other Kathmahals.

10. Captain Chandrabir Bista Chhetri, Chauriya Goswara Gola.

11. Captain Prabhuram Thapa Chhetri, Opium Monopoly (Mahal).

12. Lt. Chandrashankar Padhya, other Kathmahals.

A copy of this order was forward to Dittha Buddhisagar Upadhyaya, with instructions to realize arrears of land-tax and other revenues in the seven districts of the eastern Tarai region as well as in Chitwan.

2. Prime Minister Jang Bahadur’s order to revenue and other offices in Bara, Parsa, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahotari, Saptari, Morang, and Chitwan, as well as of the Alainchi Kothi in Patna: “We have deputed Dittha Buddhisagar Paddya of the Bandobast Kanchahari to scrutinize records of revenue collections after the Vikrama year 1920 (A.D. 1863). Furnish the appropriate records to him and submit accounts as usual to the Kumarichok.”

The order also provided for the compilation of a schedule of Upariyan Sair duties in consultation with local officials and revenue functions for the purpose of issuing a contract for the collection of such duties.

Maga Badi 3, 1921 (Jaunary 1865)

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 21, PP. 133-35.

3. The following order was sent to Lt. Colonel Meharman Singh Rajbhandari of Sarlahi and Lt. Colonel Surya Pratap Shah of Rautahat on Magh Badi 4, 1921 (Jaunary 1865): “Medini Datta Jha and four other Jimidars have complained that the regulations have been flouted while issuing contracts for the collection of duties on salt and saltpeter (Nimak-Sair), and that they are being compelled to pay up more than what is actually due from them. We have deputed Dittha Buddhisagar Padhya to investigate into these complaints. You are hereby ordered to suspend all collections under the salt and saltpeter contract until these investigations are completed.”

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 21, PP. 131-32.

4. Prime Minister Jang Bahadur’s order to Dittha Buddhisagar Padhya: “The ryots of the seven districts of the eastern Tarai region have come here with complaints that the new tax rates are unduly high. Many ryots are even reported to have migrated to other areas. Your are hereby ordered to investigate the matter. In addition, you are ordered to ascertain the complaints of saltpeter workers (nuniya) and submit a report on how the regulations issued in 1919-20 Vikrama (A.D. 1862-63) have been contravened. Submit reports countersigned by the local district administrators along with recommendations in all these matters.

Magh Badi 4, 1921

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 21, PP. 132-33


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