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गूगल हिंदी अनुवाद की पेशकश – or Birth of Hingoole ? May 6, 2008

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गूगल हिंदी अनुवाद की पेशकश” is the Google way of saying “Google offers Hindi translation”.

Google has done once again next to impossible. May 2008 “Google offers Hindi translation” for Indian people. Not only Hindi, but Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are also part of new development.

Using this feature, user will be able to translate online from English to Hindi and vice-versa.

Translating English to Hindi may not be of so much difficult as, translating Hindi to English. Being computer freak I know the difficulty, to parse the grammar of Hindi language through computer programming. And in either case, translating sentence from one language to another is itself challenge. But at the bottom of the translation-engine is the rule for placing Subject, verb and object in proper sequences. Simple translation of each word does work.

But as everyone might be guessing. The Google translator is not perfect. In simple sentence it will give good result, but in complex sentence, it gives alot of error. Error not only in Words, but also in syntex. Where word is complex, translator put the word as it is.


“”“I love you””= “” मैं प्रेम आप “” – Sentence with Quote

“I love you” = “मैं आपसे प्यार करता / करती हूँ – Sentence without Quote

But some of the problem are in the area where it is proper noun. Suppose If someone named “Sher Singh” appears in sentence, then it will be translated to Lion Tiger.

“, शेर-शायरी” = “, The lion – poetry”

शेर-शायरी” = “Sher – poetry”

I found a way to deceive translator in a while. Its Case sensitive. Like,

“Tiger is strong” = “टाइगर मजबूत है”

“tiger is strong” = “बाघ मजबूत है”

Right now in summary I can only say, Google translator fumbles away with literal dictionary words when one tries complex sentences, idiomatic usage or slang words. The Hindi translation of the summary line is “फिलहाल में सार का कहना है कि मैं ही कर सकते हैं , गूगल अनुवादक fumbles दूर शब्दों के साथ शाब्दिक शब्दकोश की कोशिश करता है जब एक जटिल वाक्यों , शब्दों में बोली या उपयोग मुहावरेदार”. What language is this? Can you make it out? Let say it “Hingoole”. A Google standard Hindi + English.

When Hindi mixed with English, we had Hinglish. Now Google made it Hingoole or Hingoolish. Which one sounds better :)?

If you are able to make anything out of this new Google tool, start using. Your Hindi proficient parents will simple have boundless happiness with the new google offer. Give a try with some Hindi movie songs and films title names, and see it for yourself @|hi


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  1. “गूगल हिंदी अनुवाद की पेशकश – or Birth
    of Hingoole ? In between birth and death” ended up being a truly awesome blog, .
    I hope you keep publishing and I’ll try to keep following! Thanks ,Latrice

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