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Supply of Saltpeter May 29, 2009

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A historical document showing madhes (Terai) as the sourcing center for saltpeter for gurkhali ammunition.


Supply of Saltpeter

(a) To the Umra of Sindhuli: “We have granted the monopoly for the supply of saltpeter (Soramahal) to Basudev Mehtari fromt the Vikrama year 1853. We have provided him with a sample of refined saltpeter, with instructions that 220 maunds of crude saltpeter be processed to produce 110 maunds of refined saltpeter. A sample has been sent to you also. Accept delivery of saltpeter according to that sample on the basis of the maund used in the plains (madhesh) and issue a receipt.” 

Regmi Research Collection, Vo. 23, pp. 261-62.

(b) To the Subba, Fouzdars, Chaudharis, Kanugoyes, Mokaddams, birtaowners, and ijaradars of Mahottari district: “The Soramahal in the district has been granted to Basudev Mehtari from the Vikrama year 1853. Let his men open saltpeter depots at all places in the district where (saline) earth is available. You shall be punished if you create any obstruction in their work.” 

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 23, p. 262. 

(c) The same day, an official receipt was issued under the royal seal for the following quantities of saltpeter delivered by Basudev Mehtari and Ganga Mehtari through Murali Mehtari to the Umras of Sindhuli against the total quantity stipulated for the Vikrama years 1851 and 1852:- 

(1) Delivered on Baisakh Baisakh Badi 9, 1851

     to Umra Ratna Singh     … 124 maunds

(2) do. to Gurja Singh on     … 43½ maunds

(3) do. 60¼ maunds on

     less 7¾ maunds remitted     … 52½ maunds 

                                              Total:  220 maunds

Regmi Research Collection, Vol. 23, p. 265. 

(d) Basudev Mehtari was granted a five-year ijara for the collection of duties on salt (nimak-sair) and procurement of saltpeter (soramahal) from Baisakh Badi 1, 1853 to Chaitra Sudi 15, 1857 on lands of all tenure-categories, including birta and jagir, in t he pargannas of Mahottari, Kodari, Khesraha, Bahaura, and Barahaga. In addition, revenue from the moujas of Bardaha and Bilasharigama in Mahottari perganna, was assigned to him for the same period to finance saltpeter procurement. Basudev Mehtarii was granted authority to collect revenue from all existing sources (mal-jihat), sair-jihat, kul, hubutat, bahama, Jehati, and amilan levies) in these three moujas. 



    The order apportioned the saltpeter output in the areas placed under the jurisdiction of Basudev Mehtrai as follows:- 

Vikrama Year  Total Output  Producers’ Share Government’s Share

                       (in mauds)   (in mauds)   (in maunds) 

    1853   220   110   110

    1854   220   110   110

    1855   220   110   110

    1856   220   110   110

    1857   220   110   110

          Total   1,100   550   550

                            maunds  maunds  maunds 

    Basudev Mehtari was required to purchase the producers’ share of the saltpeter output, pack it in bags, and deliver it at Sindhuli. Procurement and porterage expenses were sanctioned at the rate of Rs. 3¼ a maund, thus making a total bill of Rs. 1,787½ for 550 maunds of saltpeter during the five-year period, or Rs. 357½ a year. 

          Particulars of revenue assessed from the above-mentioned moujas were as follows:- 

Vikrama Year  Bardaha Bilasharigama   Total

          1853   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1854   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1855   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1856   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½

          1857   Rs. 101  Rs. 256½   Rs. 357½ 

    The total crude saltpeter output, inclusive of the producers’ share, was 220 maunds year. Basudev Mehtari was ordered to process the crude saltpeter, produce 110 maunds of refined saltpeter every year, and deliver it at Sindhuli. 

Regmi Resarch Collection, Vol. 23. pp. 266-67.


गुद-गुदी है बूंद-बूंदी May 8, 2009

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गुद-गुदी है बूंद-बूंदी !!!

धीरे धीरे हवा चली, मौसम सुहाना बन पड़ी
हवा संग नाचने, काली बादल निकल पड़ी
नदी चली तरंग में, संगीत उमंग की निकल पड़ी
हरी पतियों पर बूंद गिरी, मोतियों सी निखर पड़ी
हरी बालियों को बूंद चूमी, खेत-खलिआन झूम पड़ी
पंछीओ की चुच से, चु-चु निकल पड़ी
चुन्नी-मुन्नी कूदे आँगन में, कागजी-नाऊ निकल पड़ी
धुप संग रंग मिली, इन्द्रधनुष निकल पड़ी
हात पर बूंद लिया, मन को हुई गुद-गुदी

Ram Manohar, May 08, 2009


Thumbs Up !! Big B May 2, 2009

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Aishwariya Rai Bachchan(L), Amitabh Bachchan (C) and Abhishek Bachchan

You have voted for the recent General election … in spite of above 40 degree celcius temperature, news of violence, long queue on polling booth, long list of criminals as candidate, and in spite of your busy schedule … Thumbs Up … but no Middle finger plz.

Yes, Show Thumbs Up and don’t show Middle finger. Isn’t it depict ugly? For what purpose your middle finger was raised? For Indian democracy? For candidate you not voted? For those people who escaped voting ? For the Indian media? or For your own ? Even child in primary school today knows, what it means, if middle finger is shown.

whatever the reason, but it gives a ugly picture of yours through the media. Even though it may not have been required to show any finger, if at all you voted, but it’s ok, you want to glamourize the act.

There were many from glam industry showing middle finger in the morning news paper. Just imagine, how would have people started the day, seeing your middle finer at the early morning. How the smile on your face was contracting the sign of your funger? and how the western world will think of your family pack in middle finger up?

But some people were good to show all finger together, and not the only middle, while showing blue ink (mark of you have casted your voting).

Why not Thumbs Up? It would have been better, if you along with your wife Jaya, son Abhishek and Bahu Aishwaya would have given Thumbs-up. A symbol of confidence. 

Thumbs Up !!! Thumbs up