In between birth and death

Struggling to achieve unwanted goals, and walking to reach undecided destination

About Myself February 14, 2006


WelCome to this Page.

I donot have many things to add after my name. But not to dissappoint you, I tried to put some lines here.

Tried different ways to make fool of mine self, and succeeded to some extent. I am BE Computer Sc from REC Durgapur. Also did MBA from F.M.S delhi.

Confused !!!.. me too. Don’t know what I want from life.. so is the life confused while giving things to me. I tried everything I like, irrespective of being nonsense (worldly benchmark), & problem is received major disappoint in very less.

I don’t dream IT, its fabricated inside me in Bits and Bytes. Outsourcing ki Puja Karo.

It will not be surprised if some fine morning I wakeup to walk path of Gandhi. He is one, who occupies some of mine natural CPU quite often. But not now… no no plz… Currently I need money and some friends who can understand each other, and dream to make things differs as it looks & works.


4 Responses to “About Myself”

  1. hari Says:

    बहुुत अच्छी कविताएं लिखते है आप…..दिल पे लगती है …..

  2. Prem Rawat Says:

    Hello Ram Manohar Jee, I need your contact detail, its very urgent please send me your email or contact No.

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